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What do I do now??

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PollyP0429 Wed 22-Jun-16 19:54:44

My 2.5 yo DD has been toilet trained (pretty much) for the last 6 months or so. It was a long process that got off to a fantastic start then got confused and dragged on forever. We still get accidents as she's still practising at holding her bladder but overall I'm happy with where we are there.

Night time... That's a whole different kettle of fish. I wasn't going to start doing this for a long time - she's never shown any kind of readiness towards it and I was waiting for her cues. HOWEVER, the last week or so she's been going to the toilet before bed fine, having a story, lullaby then lights out and then getting up. Typical toddler stuff, wants a drink, needs a wee, another lullaby that doesn't concern me; what I'm stuck with is that she seems to be deliberately weeing in her nappy to stay up. She asks for a wee, I take her and nothing (cos she went like 15 mins previous) so I take her back to bed and leave her to it. 5 mins later she's telling me she's wee'd in her nappy and she definitely has and it feels like a substantial amount so I take her to the toilet (nothing again) change her to a new nappy and get her back in bed whereby the talking/singing/crying -and that's just me- continues until she falls asleep.

Does anyone else think this is part of a deliberate attempt to -piss me off- stay up? Does this mean I should attempt some form of night-time training? I'm really stuck on what to do now purely from a toilet training perspective

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doesntmatterwhoyouare Tue 28-Jun-16 21:05:28

Mines a little older and we are only just potty training but I've switched to at night and tell him they are big boy night pants but he can use his potty (out side his door as our loo is downstairs). At the min he still calls for help but can get down and up his own nappy and trousers so 4 nights in I now only go to.the top.of the stairs and am gradually giving just reassurance and not getting so.close to.him. My aim is he can use the potty alone at night if needed, no drama and no delayed bedtime to see us more. Also after teethbrushing before going up to bed there is no more food or.drinks for either kid. And after that last potty ita a.simple straight to bed now, quick climb in its bedtime and I go down and stop answering him (put the potty back once emptied).

tayradet Mon 04-Jul-16 12:36:49

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