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What do i do?

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Amy214 Fri 17-Jun-16 12:43:09

Dd is 2 years old (27 months) has been showing interest, knows when shes pooing (can't get her to the toilet quick enough or shes snuck off and tells me later shes pooed), she can say pee and poo. She follows me to the toilet, pulls down her trousers, takes off her nappy and sits on the toilet (doesn't actually do anything) once done she 'wipes' with toilet paper and wants to wash her hands. The playgroup teachers have mentioned they think she may be ready as shes doing the same thing there.. I have got pull ups leftover from nieces potty training days so shes currently wearing a pair now. Im trying to encourage to go to the potty every 15-30 mins only throughout the day (we'll try and crack night time later) she also has a sticker chart but i don't think she really understands that yet.. (shes my 1st so im not sure on what to do) What else can i do to encourage her?

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