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2 year old doest have solid nappies

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carmelsundae Thu 16-Jun-16 20:55:57

As the title says, my lb is 26 months, and doesn't do solid poos. They never have been, there a mushy consistently constantly and go through periods when they can be very loose. I'm guessing this isn't normal? I've tried to get a gp appointment and can't and left a message with my health visitor but wondered if anyone else had experience of this? He eats a normal diet and has no health problems!

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gingerfinn Sat 18-Jun-16 11:22:58

My dd is 31 months and is the same. She's good at peeing in the potty but rarely does a poo in the potty. Her poos are often very loose and I've been wondering how to potty train her as it will be very messy! She also gets tummy gas pains at night sometimes so I've got her on an elimination diet for a few weeks to see if she has a food intolerance or some kind, likely culprits are dairy and wheat. She's definitely had less tummy trouble on the diet.

I've no idea how 'normal' loose poo is but it's worth getting some medical advice. Even if your lb doesn't get tummy pains he might have a slight dietary intolerance that affects his poop.

DoItTooJulia Sat 18-Jun-16 11:26:14

My Ds was the same until very recently (he's 3 and a half now). He's been late potty training and I think the loose poo is why.

It has got better with no change in diet or anything and the potty training is going great now-so I wonder if there's a correlation.

I've been told it's toddler diarrhoea, and nothing serious if the stool is a normal colour. Hoping the same is true for you.

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