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Stuck on how to proceed

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lunalove Sat 11-Jun-16 11:37:13

My dd is two 1/4. We've been potty training for the last week or so. It's going well. She goes on her own and has mostly stopped having accidents.
We've been staying home so she can get the hang of it which has worked but I'm going stir crazy and I don't really know how to take her out. The problem is she's not emptying her bladder when she goes so she is going frequently. Also she's been naked in the house but I've just started putting shorts on her a few days ago and she's not got a clue about pulling them down first..
Our other problem is naptime. I put a nappy on her but she is sometimes wetting the bed which I think is due to her pulling her nappy away when she needs to go. I would leave her potty with her but I did that once while I was getting ready and she went and then threw the potty over the baby gate into the hall 😕 She's obsessed with emptying the potty and gets cross if I don't do it immediately like at mealtimes etc.
Anyone got any advice on where we go from here? Thanks!

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WhereTheFigawi Sat 11-Jun-16 11:53:32

For going out, have you got a travel potty? We've got the Potette Plus and it's brilliant (look on Amazon). If you're near a toilet, she goes there using it as a seat, if not she uses it as a potty and then you just bin the liner bag like you would a nappy. You'll need to be ok with using it in semi-public places though as you don't often get much notice, I usually sort of hide her behind the pram so she's not visible to all passers by.

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