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Training a toddler who likes water/being wet - and will only use the potty in the bathroom tips?

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midnightlurker Thu 09-Jun-16 10:08:36

My DD no longer wants to wear nappies. Will take it off, esp if she has done anything in it, and fights having one on. Yet she likes being wet (will paddle in dog water bowl, tip drinks down herself etc) so isn't bothered if she has an accident.

She will wee on the potty if she really needs to go, but only in the bathroom. Most accidents are as she is heading there to go. She won't use a potty anywhere else, and we can't live in the bathroom!

Any ideas? She is only little (same age as her brother was - just under 2). Would rewards work - choc for a wee in the potty? I would happily wait but she won't keep a nappy on and can undress herself completely.

Coconut0il Thu 09-Jun-16 16:01:27

I would go with lots of praise and a little reward if she goes in the potty. Otherwise old towels/ puppy training pads and cover as much of your floor as you can till she's got it grin

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