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Ok so before I embark on potyty/toilet training my 2.7 year old DD, any tips or help?

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BlipBlapBlop Wed 08-Jun-16 17:51:24

I've got 3 books sitting here but seem too long to actually read grin
She has done a few wees on potty and toilet but today she actually wanted to sit on potty and did a wee so I praised etc and then an hour later she had an accident as she didn't want to put nappy back on!
Ok so any tips?
Is it worth buying a potette or any travel potty?
And as I've written this she just wee'd sitting in the cushion wine

BlipBlapBlop Wed 08-Jun-16 17:58:12

On the cushion not in it! blush

Kathysclown Wed 08-Jun-16 18:02:44

Read the books, but don't start to actually do anything until you are sure she is ready........ sounds to me like you might have a month or two to wait. It is much easier if you wait until they almost do it themselves.

starfish12 Thu 09-Jun-16 19:20:08

I'm 2 weeks into training my 2.8 DS - i didn't have a clue whether he was ready before starting.

We used pirate Pete, stickers and chocolate as a reward. He LOVED all of this. Lots of praise when they get something in the potty

I almost put him back in nappies as I asked the HV for some advice she basically said it didn't sound like he was ready based on him not asking for the potty when he needs to go and having some accidents. I thought I would give him a week and reassess and sure enough he's hardly had any accidents in the last week. So I would say give it a good go. He still doesn't say he needs to go but I just take him to the loo every 2 hrs

We have a Pottette and have used it once. Def useful I think even if just to make you feel better about not being caught out. I find the small loo seat that fits on the loo useful too

Good luck!

waitingforsomething Mon 13-Jun-16 10:32:42

Once you think she's ready don't go back to nappies at difficult moments. Be comitted!

Buy Princess Polly and read it for about a week before you start

Buy one of those car seat protectors as dd had accidents in the car for a couple of weeks after she had cracked it otherwise.

RiverTam Mon 13-Jun-16 10:39:00

We tried on 3 separate occasions between about two and a half and three, for a week at a time, ie the first two times we did it for a week, realised it wasn't working and stopped. Third time it clicked and we were off.

So I don't agree that you can't stop once you've started, of course you can. Looking back each time we could see how DD wasn't ready (but we thought she was).

Sticker charts and choc buttons are good but at the end of the day they're ready and will get it or they won't.

Nowthereistwo Mon 13-Jun-16 10:43:31

Start putting her on the toilet when she wakes up in the morning/ naps as most people need a wee. Then celebrate if she does something.

My dd likes signing 'Let it go' on the toilet as we told her to just let it go.

There is a good app called Pool goes to pooland. Aimed at older kids but dd liked it.

DailyMailGOFuckOff Mon 13-Jun-16 10:52:55

Sticker reward book - always a sticker for trying, special one for succeeding

Big girl Pants with favourite character on

Special book or iPad game that's only allowed when toileting for incentive to enjoy potty

Take potty everywhere and tons of changes - don't give in or give up till at least 7 days of good effort

Don't do night training at the same time, keep the night nappy

Keep her wet for a short while after accidents so she doesn't enjoy the sensation of it. It will mean more bathing/wiping - but some kids actually don't mind being wet if they get sorted quickly so put her off that

Try every 30 mins initially but leave it longer if she appears pestered by it

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