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Should we stop?! Outdoor disasters and poo issues!

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Macdaddylonglegs Mon 06-Jun-16 09:14:49

So we have been potty training our dd1 for about 4 weeks, but wondering if we should give up? We're at the stage where if at home we have pretty much no accidents, through a mixture of her asking for potty and us paying close attention and prompting. However as soon as we leave the house and go anywhere it just all falls apart. Most of the time she angrily refuses to use a travel potty or go to the toilet. If I do manage to persuade her to try the potty or toilet she sits briefly, doesn't wee or poo and then minutes later wets /soils herself. Starting to find this rather stressful as I usually have ds2 who is 4 months strapped to me in a sling and once dd1 has had an accident she is not always very cooperative when needing to be changed. Oh and she's never yet managed a poo on the potty. Relatives have suggested we should either stop altogether and restart in a few months or use pull ups when out. I feel disappointed as we'd made such progress but don't want to be potty training for months if we'very started too soon. Thoughts? Will using pull ups when out just confuse the situation?

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PirateJones Mon 06-Jun-16 13:37:50

How old is she?

Using pullups or nappies when you are out is unlikely to confuse things, it just breaks the potty training down into smaller steps to make it easier all round.

Macdaddylonglegs Mon 06-Jun-16 13:56:03

Oh ok great. I thought you just had to go cold turkey. She's 2.5. We started training because she asked to use the toilet one day and actually did a wee.

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PirateJones Tue 07-Jun-16 08:05:45

There's no reason to start at the deep

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