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am I giving up too soon??

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thefamilyvonstrop Fri 03-Jun-16 15:02:45

My son will be 3 in end of July. We've made a couple of attempts at potty training but tend to give up at the end of day 2. In our most recent attempt, he is weeing every 45 mins or so (small leaks that wet him) but big, proper weed every few hours. He hasn't yet managed any in the potty and often doesn't react to the smaller wees / wet pants at all.
I've put him back in nappies but I'm worrying that I'm giving up too soon and should be pushing through this?
Can anyone with experience advise me?

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ohisay Fri 03-Jun-16 15:10:51

Try a few days with no underwear at home (loose trousers if you don't like the thought of naked all day) sit on potty every 40 mins. Sticker/choc button/sweet/ whatever small reward each time tried, regardless of result in potty. Keep potty in same room. Accidents= never mind, we can try and get to the potty next time and you will get your sticker/ treat.

ohisay Fri 03-Jun-16 15:11:58

Oops posted too soon! Give a few days and see if you get anywhere. He may just not be ready yet!

LadyMumble Fri 03-Jun-16 15:33:56

I am struggling with potty training my 2yo ds as well. Despite a good start he is now not interested and prefers to wee on the floor so he can splash in the resulting puddle. I'm not sure what advice to give as I am an unaccomplished novice.

I am choosing to stick with it with no pants in the house and reminders to use the potty, using incentives and trying to make it fun (for him, it is certainly not fun for me), but I have decided to give myself a break and use pull ups when we need to go somewhere.

Good luck if you decide to power through. Hopefully we will get our break throughs soon.

thefamilyvonstrop Fri 03-Jun-16 17:14:56

Thanks all, we are trying some naked time and will keep pushing on. He seems to like his potty as a chair but gets off and wees about 5 minutes later on the floor!

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