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I need to just give up dont i?

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icebearforpresident Fri 27-May-16 12:39:57

Dd is 2 and a half. Knows when she needs to pee,tells me when she needs a new nappy but gets really upset she I go to put one on her. Will sit on the potty but steadfastly refuses to do anything. This has been going on,off and on, for months.

I've spent 2 hours this morning with her sitting on the potty,bribing her by saying if she pees she can have an ice lolly (i know...) she sits on the potty not doing anything but i can tell she is absolutly bursting and if I put a nappy on her she'll pee within a second.

Any tips? Can't decide of we should give up yet again and try in another few months or just keep going.

PandasRock Fri 27-May-16 12:43:38

Sounds as though she hasn't got the hang of how to 'let go'

Try getting her to blow bubbles, or one of those air football/balancing ball cheap tat toys, or a windmill etc. Blowing out uses the same muscles as you would when having a wee so this might help her let go.

If it is because she is worried about weeing, then maybe have her sit in the potty wearing a nappy, and wee, then over time loosen the nappy so it isn't so close to her body, then lay it in the potty etc - small slow steps if she is scared/worried.

icebearforpresident Fri 27-May-16 13:01:35

Thanks Panda,I've been having the same thought about her just needing to 'let go' so that all makes sense. She'll do anything for bubbles so will try that first and have sat an open nappy in the potty to see of that helps in the meantime.

If she would at least pee on the floor I would feel like we're getting somewhere by she's just holding onto it for all she's worth. I'm desperate to go just from watching her squirm about!

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