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what's happened!

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mandy20256 Mon 16-May-16 17:11:02

Hi everyone
I'm very confused it what's happened. It's almost like my 2 year old is rebellion get!
She's 2 and 2 months but been using the potty at home for about 6 months. I know she's still very young but she can not have a nappy on all day and night at home and not have an accident so I thought I'd try potty training for when we're out etc.
Today has been the first day and it's almost like she knows because every time she's been she's gone on the floor.
This isn't like her. She never does it.
Is it her way of telling me she doesn't want to be a big girl?
Do I give up and try again in a few months or persevere?
Thank you everyone X

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