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weed on by daughter in rowing boat, want an end to childhood incontinence

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alannacityofzorn Sun 15-May-16 19:13:11

7 year old daughter weed while we were in rowing boat while I was sharing the seat with her, hence I shared the wet bottom and pants feeling but I had no change of clothes. Changed her 10 times with wee and poo accidents today. she is 7 and I am tired of lugging around spare clothes and spending my days off in toilets.
she is gluten free, dairy free, psyillium husk (weird rash), citrus (weird rash on face), limonene in loads of cleaning stuff and soaps and shampoo (dries up hands and weird rash). Gave her blueberries for first time in 9 months which may be this weekends culprit. last weekend I blamed a kiddy size bag of haribos. thinking need to cut out all sugar and fructose.
seeing dietician soon.
do some kids just have dodgy bowels? is it always food related? is it difficult to pin down as it depends on the gut bacteria and if they deceide to have a party or not. is it just as she is very stubbon and consistently leaves it too late- she does a wee dance and looks strained.
just wanted a rant really, least I can appreciate the feeling of clean dry pants after a soggy few hours.

PirateJones Mon 16-May-16 13:13:34

Have you been to your GP? Your daughter should be under a continence nurse.

Marthacliffscumbag Mon 16-May-16 13:17:25

Does she have an actual medical condition as to why she is not yet toilet trained?

alannacityofzorn Mon 16-May-16 16:51:43

Been to gp who was having a bad day who said she would grow out of it. Saw continence nurse who was hopeless. Under paediatrician who adjusts meds periodically. Time ticks on and still having issues, interestingly been fine at school today

Thesunrising Mon 16-May-16 19:19:30

Soiling and wetting problems in children are often not related to food but could be a sign of a multitude of other issues - constipation, UTIs, overactive bladder, late onset of hormones etc. What are the meds that you mention your doctor has prescribed? Are they for the allergies/food intolerances or something else? Has the continence specialist you were referred to investigated these other possible causes? The ERIC website has lots of information about the causes of wetting and soiling and possible solutions. Also check out the most recent NICE guidelines on continence care for children and go back to your GP if you think they haven't followed the best practice guidelines in investigating likely causes of and treatments for your daughters condition.

soupmaker Mon 16-May-16 21:03:25

Alanna I know this hell. Have a wineand another wine. Our DD1 is 8 and had only just become clean and dry in the last year during the day. She's also only just now dry at night. She started potty training at just before 3.

I agree with Sun. There will be some underlying reason for her soiling and wetting. Turned out our DD1 has an over active bladder and chronic constipation. A double whammy of hell. IME I needed to push, push, push the HCPs to get taken seriously. The whole situation put massive amounts of stress and strain on family life.

alannacityofzorn Tue 17-May-16 16:35:31

She has had a bowel transit study and it showed distended bowel from long term constipation, she was on movicol for 2years but it just wasn't working, now on pico sulphate and optifibre, drinking masses, try to get her to sit on toilet after meals, rock, blow, make poo faces. Seems to improve slightly then bad bouts. If medication manages it sometimes but not others what changes? Continence nurse asked re diet, water and that's all reallly, medics Keep going back to same theory of distended bowel and with meds all will be well,- not all well yet. Have read nice guidelines re chronic constipation will look for the others. Soup maker-what changed things round for dd1 was it meds?

soupmaker Tue 17-May-16 19:41:53

It was a combination of things which led to DD1 being clean and dry Alanna. It has taken over 4 years since we started seeing HCPs who were specialists in bowel and bladder issues. So time is one factor. Getting her medication right is another. She has been on movicol and sodium picosulphate for years for her bowel. She also takes oxybutinin for her bladder as well as an antibiotic as she was having recurrent UTIs. Routine has been a big factor. Making time each day so she sits and tries to poo. She now goes every morning after breakfast. We used the balloon blowing, feet up on a step, sitting playing on my iPhone routine for months and it worked over time. The other big factor was me being more relaxed and not getting so annoyed with her when she'd soiled and wetted herself. (I am so ashamed of some of the yelling). And finally, she decided to help herself and stop withholding. No amount of charts, rewards, pleading, begging, yelling, tears, etc made any difference - she did it in her own time when she decided to. I hope this gives you some hope. I know how hellish this is when you are in the eye of the storm. Hang in there.

alannacityofzorn Tue 17-May-16 19:56:38

Many thanks for your posts soup maker. It does give me hope that there is a way through.
Try not to react re accidents and make a well done comment for letting me know. Probably sound grumpy though!

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