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Night training

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DrDiva Fri 13-May-16 08:15:14

My DS will be 4 in July. He still wears a nappy at night; it's always full by 10ish and we have to change it, then the second one is full again in the morning.
We seem in a bit of a bind though, because I know that to some degree he wees in his nappy because he knows he can - if he is awake at the start of the night, he won't ask for the toilet, he'll just go. And if he falls asleep without a nappy on, he will be guaranteed to wet the bed. On the other hand, if he wakes early (around 5) and we take the nappy off, he will happily fall back asleep and wake up dry at 7.
He really wants to come out of nappies - big boys don't wear them at night, he tells me! But how do we move to the next level? Would lifting him at say 9:45 help? Or do we need to go cold turkey? Or just not bother for now? The other problem is that I don't think he wakes enough to take himself to the toilet.

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