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Almost 5 hours no wee in potty no accident either...

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Eyre89 Wed 11-May-16 10:23:21

Potty training ds 27 months

Day 1

4 wees in potty 2 accidents

Day 2

3 wees 2 accidents, on when pooed and was very upset

Day 3

Did a wee when he woke up in pull up at 5:30.

No accidents yet but no wee. Almost 5 hours. He is sitting on potty to try. How long is he going to hold it. Could he be waiting until pull up on for nap? Or he isn't drinking as much as normal he started to get a cold so he just doesn't need to go?

It just seems a long time.

Any ideas?

Eyre89 Fri 13-May-16 08:42:02

So yesterday

Loads of wees in potty, I lost count as whenever he did a big one he got really excited and spent half an hour shouting again and getting back on and squeezing more out, sometimes drips sometimes a fair amount. So he is doing well I think. He started to take himself to the potty himself too.

I risked a 5 minute walk to the shop after making sure he did a big wee but he wet himself in the shop. Didn't tell me he needed it and got really angry. Is this just going to improve with time as he learns more to say he needs to go? He gets distressed if he wets himself or poos. He waited for a pull up forhis nap to do a poo yesterday and would not sit on the potty. He wouldn't take the pull up off even though he hates them.

Is a portable travel potty worth it? I'm not even sure he would use one in public, if we weren't near a toilet but not sure what the alternative would be?

Lots of questions sorry. Any advice or tips welcome.

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