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3 year old still not ready for potty training- HELP!

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Unicorn1981 Mon 09-May-16 20:10:25

My dd turned 3 at end of February. We have attempted potty training a couple of times but gave up because she was not ready. We have tried again but she is having accidents all the time and even withholding wee even when she does have a nappy on. She doesn't want to go on the potty but will if we beg/bribe her. She said she doesn't need it but will sit on it and not do anything then five minutes later wet herself. Over the weekend I had to nip out with her and she weed over the floor in Sainsburys. The main problem I have is I work part time and my sil- a nanny does her childcare two days a week and takes her to preschool the other three mornings. We leave house at 7am to catch a train to her work then she has to do the school run with the other kids and back again. If she has an accident she can't be changed until they get to school. I am leaving work for good soon so will do it then but we are moving to another city so I'm worried this will put the kibosh on any efforts we make. Then she will be coming up to four and starting school. I am so worried it's really getting to me. DD is very switched on and has been talking in full sentences since 2 so I guess I thought she'd just crack it and now I'm not sure if she's doing it all on purpose. I am so confused I don't know what to do for the best. Do I do no nappies at home only for her to go back to nappies in the mornings? Sorry for long post but I'm really stressed! 🙄

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Unicorn1981 Tue 10-May-16 07:36:28

Any help anyone please?!

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