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Types of potty? Worth trying different ones?

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TigerLily666 Sun 24-Apr-16 13:40:44

We have a cheap IKEA potty. DS will sit on it wearing a nappy and v occasionally bare bottomed. We have done 1 poo in it so far. BUT DS doesn't look particularly comfortable on the potty - he has long legs . He won't sit on it for any time at all. And the last time couple of times he sat on it, it either got stuck on his bottom or left a red mark.

I am wondering if we will get on better with a different style potty. I have been looking at potty chairs but they are so expensive (babybjorn etc). What's your experience - are they much of a muchness or is it worth shopping around for one that seems to suit your LO. And do you have any recommendations (especially for a boy!)

My husband is v dismissive and thinks we should persevere with the cheap one but then he is not the one dealing with the potty issues

DS is showing interest in using the potty btw and has asked to use it at nursery but will not go around without a nappy on (he gets really upset). He knows when he has done a poo and tells me. And occasionally he will say he wants a poo but will only sit on said potty for 30 secs ....


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MindfulBear Sun 24-Apr-16 14:03:02

We had an ikea one. Tbh DS preferred a step up to the loo and a loo seat probably because he thought he might fall off!!!. (NB when using a loo seat They need their feet to touch the step when they sit down which is difficult to achieve - we used ikea steps and a seat from Jojo maman Bebe.)

You can also get potties which are a bit taller than the usual ones and look like a mini toilet. They look the best in terms of being sturdy and suitable size but sadly we were overseas when we were at this stage wnd I could not find one.

Hope someone comes along with q recommendation soon

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