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Little one doing so well, now stopped using potty

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tallgirl1975 Fri 22-Apr-16 19:59:59

I'm sure some of you will think I'm a bit mad, but I started potty training my daughter at 8 months, no pressure at all, just introducing her to sitting on the potty. Anyway from 1 year, she was a little star, and performed 1's and 2's after breakfast, lunch and before bedtime bath. She just knew, and has been very happy with her special 'potty toys'. Everything been going well, now she is 16 mo. She has just started to only want to pee in the potty now, only no.2s once a day now, and gets up after the pee. I praise her, have introduced new 'potty toys' to keep her interested and relaxed and talk to her. She has a solid routine generally speaking everyday and is happy soul. I have put her on the toilet seat (with the little sit fitted onto it) and say 'what a big girl you are doing so well on the big toilet'. Still she just pee's and won't do no.2s. I'm sure this is all perfectly normal, but is there anything you can recommend I do. Its also coincided with her general crankiness throughout the day, and especially at bath time, hates being dried off and hates having a clean nappy put on...and her normally solid sleep pattern has gone awry too, and lots of clinginess. I must say I'm not worried generally, as I think if I get upset about it she will pick up on my mood, and I know this phase will pass. Its more of any general tips I could apply which might just help me out. Thank you for reading.

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