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End of Day 2 and a little unsure about tomorrow

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Taler Sun 17-Apr-16 22:07:48

DD is 2.5. Day 1 we had 3 wees in the potty and about same on the floor. And 1 poo half in the potty and half out! A pretty good start overall.

Today has been not quite as positive but still ok, 1 wee in the big toilet, half a wee on the potty (the other on the floor) plus a few more on the floor.

We are using chocolate buttons as rewards for wees and poos as well as playing 'Celebration' really loudly and dancing around, and stickers for just sitting on the potty or toilet.

She had been bare bottomed for both days but tonight before her bath we got out the cupboard the knickers that she chose a few days ago and she seemed keen to put them on. But then quickly wanted to take them off again, almost as if she were afraid/nervous.

I'm in 2 minds whether or not to go out tomorrow (finding it hard being stuck indoors as usually always out at least once a day), but I don't wanna push her back in any way.

If we go out she'll of course have to wear knickers and if she gets funny about it the last think I wanna do is to pressure her as this whole experience should be stress-free, BUT she's gonna have to wear them at some point and can't be naked indefinitely!

She knows mummy wear knickers as she sees me get dressed so knows that 'big girls wear knickers'.

Do I stay in tomorrow and give it another day at home???

drspouse Mon 25-Apr-16 12:20:41

Maybe give it one more day at home?

Can you treat the pants like a reward, she gets them for a poo in the potty for example?

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