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4.4 nighttime dryness - no progress

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FemaleDilbert Thu 14-Apr-16 18:57:55

My 4yo Dd has been dry during the day since 2.8. She's developmentally normal in all ways (that we know of!) but has never managed to crack being dry at night. We tried 6 months ago and went back to pull ups after a week of wet bed every night.

We started trying again on Friday night, but have had a wet bed every night. That's 6 in a row. Should we persevere? She's never tended to wake with a dry pull up, but we thought it might just be laziness (easier to wee in pull up than get up to use the loo).

Not sure what to do now? Carry on and see if she 'gets it'. Or go back to pull ups (and give our poor washing machine a rest confused)

Any advice?

Cloudybutwarm Thu 14-Apr-16 19:02:33

Just go back to pull ups.

Nighttime dryness is hormone related so it happens when it happens. I don't think it's of any concern until 7ish.

My ds is 4.5, has been out of nappies since about the same age as your dd and still wears nappies at night as do most of his friends.

Wolfiefan Thu 14-Apr-16 19:05:29

Night time dryness is nothing to do with a child being lazy or not. If you don't allow loads of liquids before bed and wake for a dream wee there's not much more you can do. It's all down to when they start to produce a certain hormone.

PennyHasNoSurname Thu 14-Apr-16 19:08:02

There is no "getting it". Her body either produces the hormone that stops sleep-weeing or it doesnt. Dd was four in december, reliably daytime dry at 2.6, weve not got dry night nappies yet.

I was going in and feeling her bedsheet in the night - saturated. And asleep. Even being in a wet bed wasnt waking her.

Pull ups all the way!

It will happen eventually.

GrandmaJosephine Thu 14-Apr-16 19:53:02

It just seems to depend on the child. DS1 (5.5) still wears pull ups although he now cries out about 11pm as he needs a wee but can't seem to wake himself up sufficiently to go so we take him. He has always been a heavy sleeper.

I hope he cracks it soon for sleepovers etc.

DS2 (3.3) on the other hand is frequently is dry at night to the extent I am thinking of giving up night nappies.

FemaleDilbert Thu 14-Apr-16 21:23:55

Is it worth lifting her to wee later in the evening? We've not tried that yet as I've heard mixed things about whether it is useful in teaching them to wake to wee or not.

FemaleDilbert Thu 14-Apr-16 21:24:27

By lifting her I mean dream-wee

GrandmaJosephine Fri 15-Apr-16 21:46:30

We tried the lifting with the eldest but he would often wee in the early hours so it didn't always help so we stopped and went back to nappies and time.

Also I think they have to learn to wake and go themselves and lifting doesn't help them learn that, only time does.

Lemele Mon 09-May-16 23:23:40

Nighttime dryness is hormone related

Oh really? That's good to know if so. My eldest has just turned 6 and has exactly the same situation as you OP, he wets the bed every night regardless of how much he drinks or anything else. However my twins have been dry during both day and night (save not wanting to stop playing to go wee which results in accidents, of course!) since about 3 years old. Not that they're the same ofc but one can't help but compare!

I've been wondering whether I ought to worry yet.

Twistedheartache Mon 09-May-16 23:34:46

My dd decided last summer that she was ready to go without nappies at night. I was sceptical, but went along with it because waiting for her to be ready went brilliantly with dummy & I was on mat leave so washing & drying sheets was no hardship.
Almost a year later at just over 5 I actually can't remember the last time she was wet, but in between she's done dry nights, dry weeks & wet days all interspersed - but once I was back at work I was sooooo over the extra washing.
Sounds like she's not ready - just go back to pull ups for now & try again in a few months.
I asked the gp at one point when we were there for something else & she said perfectly normal, won't Test/consider an issue unless she's still wet at 8

learnermummy Mon 09-May-16 23:46:56

Really no need to worry yet. My DS1 was nearly six and still wet at night and it was bothering him so I bought an enuresis alarm and that worked within a few weeks. DS2 was dry day and night by 3. They're all different.

Ningnang2000 Tue 10-May-16 00:03:44

Hi. We had similar issues with dd1. She is 7 and has only been dry at night since January.

There is a great website called ERIC which has some great advice.

Our school nurse was also very helpful. As other have said it is a hormonal thing if they have never been dry. If they have been dry before at night and then start wetting it is an emotional problem.

Top tips I received were to train the bladder during the day so get her to drink loads so her bladder stretches and gets used to feeling full.
Ditch the pull ups so her body gets used to the sensation of being wet ( PITA)
Do not do the dream pee because all that does is train her body to expect to pee then and it doesn't get used to feeling of fullness when asleep.

What we did was get desmomelt's when she was 5. You use it for three months ( replaces the hormone ) and every three months you have a week without them to see if her body has started producing it. We had mixed success to start then properly did when dd was 6 then one night we had ran out and bingo she was dry. That was less than a year of using it regularly.

Good luck and go easy on her. There is noting she can do until her body is ready.

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