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3yr old going backwards

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tinkitonki Fri 08-Apr-16 16:56:03

Hi, I wonder if anyone can help me? My dd turned 3 in February and we had started potty training her just before then. She was doing really well with wee and we were getting there with poo.
But the last 3 weeks we seem to be going backwards, no chance of a poo on the toilet unless I happen to notice in time and rush her there and she's gradually getting worse with wee to the level that yesterday we had 5 accidents!
She will tell me when she has done a wee in her knickers (usually as soon as she has done it) but if I ask her if she needs to go she always says no. She very rarely says she needs to go independent of me asking but she is better with this at nursery and seems to manage there with maybe one accident a day.
Nursery reckon girls regress so I wonder if this is what that is but I'm honestly at the point now where im thinking of going back to nappies for a week and then starting all over again, I had to buy yet more trousers yesterday for her as I just can't keep up with the washing!
The other thing is she refuses a potty but she can't get onto our toilet by herself so it does need her to tell me to help her on as even with a step stool she's too small.
We praise the good and ignore the bad and I've done the buttons/stickers thing but it makes no difference, she just doesn't care!
Any ideas on where to go from here would be great.

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SerenityReynolds Mon 11-Apr-16 18:21:37

I was having this conversation with a couple of friends the other day. Their girls are both a few months older than DD and both had periods of regression a couple of months in. I would think just go back to how you did it at the beginning? Put her on the potty/toilet every hour (or less if needed) and gradually increase the time again. Will be watching out for this we DD!

tinkitonki Mon 11-Apr-16 23:07:06

Thank you. All my friends have boys and she has a big brother so this girl malarkey is new to me.
They did take her hourly at nursery today and she had no accidents, and she told me she needed to go when we got home, progress perhaps? discovered money is her motivator by accident as well so she's getting a penny per successful toilet visit at home and stickers at nursery. I just want it over, so bored of carrying wet/spare clothes around.

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SerenityReynolds Tue 12-Apr-16 09:16:21

Tell me about it! We are 2.5 weeks in with DD. She'll have no accidents for a couple of days and take herself off to the potty/toilet. Then we have a day like yesterday with 2 wee and one poo accidents confused. I'm in a constant panic about whether I have enough clean and dry leggings and pants about my person!

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