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5 year old night time training

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emza78 Thu 07-Apr-16 14:20:34

Hi all,

My 5y4m year old is still not dry at night. This Easter holidays we've tried to tackle it, went cold turkey with the pull ups, first 3 nights were dry and last 3 nights have been wet. As the first 3 nights worked is this an indication that she's ready? Are reward charts bad if this is out of her control? Don't really want to get into the habit of lifting as it's going to cause problems when she goes to sleepovers or we have a babysitter. Not sure where to go from here, do we just persevere? How long did it take your older child to get it? I wonder if because it was new at first she slept lighter to control it but now is back to deeper sleep again and not realising...

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dementedpixie Thu 07-Apr-16 18:14:21

You can't train night dryness as it is related to production of a hormone that suppresses urine overnight. It also relies on them being able to wake due to a full bladder. If she is being consistently wet then I would go back to pull ups for a bit longer. It isn't considered a problem until around the age of 7/8ish anyway.

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