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wasted my time?

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Courts10 Thu 07-Apr-16 08:27:09

I'm losing the will abit, feel like all my hard work has now back fired.

During the Easter holidays I toilet training my 19 month DD, who by the end of the 2 weeks was dry all day, even when we went out and about I would take the potty and she would stay dry

DD went back to nursery on Monday after the Easter break and Monday she has 2 accidents only there half a day. Tuesday she is there all day and had 7!!!!!! That must have been every wee in her pants. And Wednesday they said she only had 1 and her other clothes were dirty and rinsed from the day's activities, when I got to them home they all smelt of wee, and her pants were in there too which makes me more certain it was wee so that was another 5 accidents yesterday!!

When I drop her off I always take her to the toilet to try for a wee so I know she has had one or at least tried before I leave.

I've asked the nursery girls to make sure they ask her every half and hour especially if she is outside (where she did most on Tuesday) they said they would

I also found out yesterday her key worker is on holiday until next week...

But this morning DH is off so she doesn't go to nursery on a Thursday, first thing she did is WEE HERSELF!!! Like she had forgotten to go to the toilet. Now I feel like nursery have taken all my hard work away!

Please any advise!!!!

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