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Getting him to ask??

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Flutterworc Mon 04-Apr-16 23:44:17

DS is 3.5 and has been perfectly happy to take himself off to use the potty for 2-3 months - so long as he knows where it is, he's perfectly independent and rather resents being asked if he needs to go. There's the occasional accident when he's simply too engrossed in what he's doing, but other than that, he's sussed.

What the heck do I do about the fact that he NEVER asks to go - which causes utter disaster when we go out as we don't know to stop the car/find a loo/get the travel potty out... Same at nursery - as he can't get to the potty (the gate is locked) all his accidents happen in the garden... His carers are great, but are struggling as much as I am to get it sorted! Any cunning ideas???


Flutterworc Tue 05-Apr-16 21:11:21

Any ideas anyone? Thanks!

flutterworc Thu 07-Apr-16 10:06:57


bookbook Mon 11-Apr-16 09:51:05

bumping for you !

DougalTheCheshireCat Mon 11-Apr-16 10:01:24

When he's with you, can you just create an opportunity to take him? As in take, don't ask?

DD is 2.10 and we are a bit behind you, DD is just getting the hang of going. however if we ask if she wants to go, she always says no. But if we just take her, every 1.5 - 2hrs (which is her wee pattern time) she will go. So yesterday I said, we'll do the potty before we go to the park, and put her on it as we were preparing to leave - as I had a wee myself. After the park went for lunch in a pub, she used her portable potty for the first time. Again, I didn't ask I just took her with me to the baby change room (which in that pub is separate to the other loos) got out the portable potty and put her on it .She went happily, as it was about 2 hrs since the previous wee.

So, when you are out and about, can you do this? Don't ask him if you know he'll say no, just create the right place, space, and take him.

At nursery I would have thought they are already doing this? Taking all the kids to the loo at set times? If they're not, could you ask them to just take him at regular intervals through the day, whatever his normal pattern is?

flutterworc Mon 11-Apr-16 18:52:42

Thanks Dougal - nursery do take him regularly, and we've asked them to rephrase the instruction from 'Do you need a wee?' to 'Please will you have a wee?'

He can 'hold' well, but it seems to be that when he forgets (such as when playing outside or eating) he doesn't remember that's the plan... confused

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