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morning 1 potty training

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Normandy144 Thu 31-Mar-16 11:33:40

Urgh! Not going well. Do I persevere? DD is 2.11 and a good communicator. She's happily wearing the knickers but won't tell me when she is doing/needs a wee, despite me asking her to. If it is relevant we have a new baby too (7 weeks old) so perhaps some resistance is due in part to DD2 being on the scene. So far this morning we have had 3 accidents and zero wees in the potty. I've been asking her to sit on the potty after each accident and she sometimes will, but other times starts saying 'no wee-wee, no potty!)

Lunchtime coming up and then she usually has a nap after lunch, so am thinking of putting her in a pull up for the nap.

Advice and any stories to share welcome!

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speedyboots Thu 31-Mar-16 11:44:17

We're a week in with DS, also 2.11, so I'm not an expert. But on the first day we put him on the toilet (have a training seat instead of potty) every 20 minutes. He got a gummy bear for a wee and chocolate for a poo. We had one accident the first day and none since, although it may just be that he is ready. Now, a week later, I would say he has some control over it. He is still a bit resistant to using the toilet at times, but goes when he needs to (or so I assume - as we haven't had accidents). He hasn't independently said he needs to go yet. We're still using the rewards a lot.
I've read that night training (and I'm including naps in this) should only happen once they are secure in the daytime, so we have been putting a nappy on for naps and overnight. But we make sure to take the nappy off as soon as he wakes up.
So as I said, I'm definitely not an expert but this is what's working for us so far. Good luck!

ShabbyNat Thu 31-Mar-16 11:58:06

When I potty trained my 2 girls, many years ago now, it wasn`t going too well the first few days either.
When I chatted to a couple of friends how it wasn`t going too well, they told me to keep socks on as well as the knickers!
Apparently, toddlers aren`t too bothered about wet knickers/pants, but hate wet socks!!
It worked for both of minegrin
Good luck

Normandy144 Thu 31-Mar-16 12:45:01

Thanks for the stories! She's asleep now having a nap after her lunch and I put her in a pull up. We had a few small positives before that - very small, but I'll take them. She wet herself and I managed to persuade her to sit on the potty with the bribe of some potty songs on you tube. She sat for about 10 mins and a small droplet went in the potty, so she got a sticker on her potty reward chart.

During lunch she asked to get down, and I asked if it was because she needed a wee. She said no but kept asking to get down which is unusual for her when she hadn't finished eating. So she got down and mid way to getting to the potty she started to go but we got her to it to 'finish' and she sat again for another 10 mins. So still more on the floor and in her pants but feels like in a small way she is getting it.

Thanks for the tip re: socks! I will do that. Hopefully the afternoon will be better.

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ShabbyNat Sun 08-May-16 16:41:25

How did the potty training go/coming along??!!

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