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Teaching DS to wee standing.

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ScottishMum2016 Sat 19-Mar-16 14:11:54

My DS1 is 3 and fully potty trained, however, i'm a single mum and as such, i've not been able to teach him to stand to pee. How would i show him? Would i need to hold his willy? I've also read that boys should pull their foreskin back to do a wee? However, i don't think that's required, can someone confirm that?

KingJoffreyLikesJaffaCakes Sat 19-Mar-16 14:18:26

Unless his aiming is spot on I'd let him carry on doing it sitting down.

IAmAPaleontologist Sat 19-Mar-16 14:18:32

No he doesn't need to pull back his foreskin. Don't worry about it, it isn't compulsory and he will just learn as he gets older when he sees other children in school and so on.

YouMakeMyDreams Sat 19-Mar-16 14:20:12

Just leave him he will do it on his own. Ds1 was 8 before he wanted to do it ds2 is 5 and started a few months ago. Tbh I wouldn't be in any rush it's far less messy to just let him keep sitting down to do it.

Temporaryanonymity Sat 19-Mar-16 14:20:17

I'm a single mother and I never taught my boys to stand up. The older one copied boys at nursery and the younger one copied his brother. I did keep a ping pong ball in the pan to help with target practice.

Bejeena Sun 20-Mar-16 14:00:57

I wouldn't bother either much less mess when they sit down whatever their age.

May09Bump Sun 20-Mar-16 14:08:08

Agree with others - leave him sitting down, then when he wants to stand up they mainly learn from others at school. My DS didn't want too until he went to school and that's with DH offering him help.

BathshebaDarkstone Sun 20-Mar-16 14:10:35

He'll learn by watching other boys at school. Don't worry.

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