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Almost there, but not quite...

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Doje Sun 06-Mar-16 14:11:39

So, DS1 has been out of nappies for almost 2 weeks. He's done really well!

He's great at doing a wee when you put him on the potty - he goes straight away. However, he's having trouble knowing when he needs to go. Quite a lot of the time he'll do a small bit of wee, just wets his pants a bit, but not enough to go through to his trousers, then holds in the rest and comes to tell us 'uh-oh' and we take him to use the potty. He holds it in long enough for us to get him to the toilet.

Any ideas how I can get him to understand the feeling of needing to wee before he does that little bit in his pants? Will he just work it out eventually and until then I just take him to the toilet regularly?

Thanks in advance!

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