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Hit a brick wall

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Lexipedia Sat 05-Mar-16 13:11:11

DS has just turned three. He was showing signs of being ready for potty training a few months ago. We tried it, it didn't work and was making him upset, so we left it a while. A couple of weeks ago he started showing signs again, so we tried again. It's not going well. He refuses to wear pants and also refuses nappies, so we've compromised on pull-ups. He just refuses to go on the potty or the loo. We've tried leaving him to tell us when he needs it, physically taking him to the potty, reminding him about it. He just refuses. We've tried the pirate Pete book, taking him to choose pants, reward chart, chocolate buttons. But he just refuses the potty, wets himself and the gets upset because he's got wet trousers. But he gets upset if we try and get him to use the loo or potty. Poo is fine, he goes on the potty for that quite happily, but wee is another matter.

What am I doing wrong? He seems ready, his nursery think he's ready, so I don't want to miss an opportunity, but is he really ready? I have a small baby, so I'm unable to give him the attention he needs maybe. Any ideas or tips? Or should we just stop for now?

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Doje Sun 06-Mar-16 14:05:51

I have to admit I don't have much experience, but have you tried just staying in and letting him go without pants?

I did this, out of necessity more than anything on day one of our potty training. I covered the lounge with old towels and after DS1 weeing through pants and trousers twice in 30 minutes I just left him without pants and trousers on, thinking at least I'll save on washing!

I have a 5 month old and we just spent the day in one or two rooms for a couple of days. New lego sets and stickers helped us not get bored!

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