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Confusing signs

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talulahbeige Mon 29-Feb-16 15:40:37

Day 3 of no nappies with my 2.11 daughter.
She's usually dry overnight. She knows what to do in the toilet and will happily use the potty or toilet to both wee and poo.
However we have had more accidents than successes the past 3 days, the only success are when we prompt her.
I can't decide if she doesn't recognise the need to pee or if she just can't be bothered. We use chocolate rewards for a wee on the potty.
There have been a handful of occasions in the past where she has got up and said I need a wee and gone to the potty but not in the past week.

Is she ready? What do you think?

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Mythreeknights Mon 29-Feb-16 16:11:21

Am in same boat with my 2.1 yr old dd. Today is day two and no success at all but now she understands the consequences of peeing in her pants she is starting to show more outward signs of needing a wee (pausing, standing still etc). I know my dd is fairly young but both ds1+2 were potty trained by 24 months so I am sticking with it for another day or two. Your dd is doing brilliantly with having had any successes in the potty so I would just see this as a wet and smelly period but by this time next week you are likely to see many more hits than misses, and hopefully me too. Are you putting her in pull ups at all? I am of the school of thought that best to go completely cold turkey although am sorely tempted now as have to take my sons swimming and means 3 hours away from home. Good luck OP!

talulahbeige Mon 29-Feb-16 17:06:23

Thanks for your reply and good luck to you too.
She's been in pull ups for a long time so we've gone cold turkey

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ArriettyMatilda Wed 02-Mar-16 08:15:35

We are on day 8 with my 2.2 year old, she started off with three accidents a day and I now down to 1 or none. However I am prompting her or just sitting her on the potty! However after an accident in the morning yesterday she did ask to go at the toddler group, so I am guessing they probably need a few accidents to learn. I'd rather do this than prolong the use of nappies (due to cost and waste mostly). I think if you are starting before she is fully ready it will take longer than if you'd waited. But then I can't tell you what fully ready is!

Mythreeknights Thu 03-Mar-16 20:46:54

Am so chuffed, dd was totally dry today, day 5! Not bad for a 2.1 yr old smile hope you are both getting on v well too.

talulahbeige Thu 10-Mar-16 16:01:48

Glad you've cracked it.
We're not doing well at all, 3 accidents a day minimum and today she has started doing things like going on the potty but not pulling her trousers down!
I'm seconds away from giving up

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ArriettyMatilda Thu 10-Mar-16 21:26:28

Going to the potty is at least a start, is she fully able to her trousers down? I'm afraid we've gone to pull ups whilst out and about but I do still take her to the toilet. She's still having between 1-3 accidents a day. I'll think about taking the pull ups away when she either tells me consistently that she needs a wee when out and about or starts taking herself to the potty at home as she is currently doing neither. I'm not going back to full time nappies though as I am sure she is learning a lot about where wee should go and how it feels and what she needs to do and also we are saving on a few nappies a day. Are there any positives for you? Also there'd be nothing wrong in stopping for now and just letting her use the potty if she asks. In fact dd has become more amenable to using the potty since we switched to pull ups - probably because I'm a lot less stressed about her weeing everywhere!

talulahbeige Fri 11-Mar-16 08:44:33

Hi, yes she can do her trousers no problem at all. I think she was testing with a " what happens if....." Yesterday. She did it a couple of times. She knows what she's doing.
A friend suggested giving her the option each day of pull ups or pants so we're going to try that, she chose pants today so we shall see!

I'm loathed to go back to pull ups tho as she has nappy rash quite bad in her bits and it's improved so much with pants on

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