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Is DD ready and what is best way to begin?

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Taler Thu 25-Feb-16 23:05:23

DD is nearly 2 years 4 months. For a while now she mostly tells us when she's pooed, although there are times when she doesn't as well as times when she has but will say "no poo poo".

Occasionally she has said "wee wee" but unlike a number 2 it's not possible to know whether she's done one or not.

Her potty has been in the bathroom for a number of months and we've not made a big deal of it. She knows what it's for and at bath times we ask her if she wants to sit on it. Sometimes she does, sometimes she doesn't.

We read a book about 'Princess Polly' and her potty.

She is getting better at pulling her trousers up and down but not quite mastered it just yet.

Does she sound ready?

If so how do I best begin?

Do I just plonk her on the potty every hour but between each hour keep asking if she needs to go?

Do I put her straight into knickers from Day 1 of potty training or do I use pull-ups too? If pull-ups then when?

Lastly, u know this is a matter of opinion, but do we potty train at night at the same time? My cousin did and felt it was right for them to do it in one go but have heard very mixed views.


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Jw35 Thu 25-Feb-16 23:16:44

I would say take a relaxed approach, start by popping a pair of knickers on for an hour or 2 at home but put a pull up on to go out. Let her lead but encourage the knickers. Praise for sitting on the potty and a reward for actually doing a wee. I'd leave nights until she's mattered day time. I trained like this and it worked great!

Lopperlady1 Tue 01-Mar-16 22:24:17

I think it sounds like she ready to try.

Although I'd say definitely too early for nighttime, that is much harder. My DS was potty trained around 2 1/2 but at 3 1/2 still wears a nappy at night and I don't think he is ready. Same thing for all my friends too.

Does she often poo at the same time each day? My DS used to go pretty much first thing so I used to put him on the potty and read with him for 15/20 mins. Was enjoyable for him so had a good association.

Stickers etc were very useful for some of my friends children as an encouragement.

I didn't like pull ups as they felt just like a nappy to my little boy so he treated them as such... I did like the potty training pants (like normal pants but with a bit of absorbency). They allowed him to feel the wetness as less absorbant but contain anything drastic to save a mess!

Good luck, persevere for a few days and worst case scenario you just try again later. But don't be suprised if she does great for 2 days then goes downhill, potty training for most people I know was up and down.

Taler Thu 03-Mar-16 08:29:53

Thanks both for the advice, much appreciated.

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JustHelping0ut Wed 06-Apr-16 09:11:08

My Ds was around that age when I initially started potty training him. The first two weeks were a HUGE pain, but when my friend showed me this guide online I really sorted things out. At first, obviously most people are skeptical about buying anything online, but she quite rightly pointed out it costs roughly the same as 2 weeks worth of nappies. So, after that short pitch, I was nearly sold. And then I saw the near 200,000 likes on facebook and countless reviews and thought to myself: "I think I just hit the Jackpot!"
So please feel free to check this guide out, I recommend it to all parents who want to potty train their kids in the most efficient way smile

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