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Potty trained for 9 months, almost daily accidents! Please help!!!

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susan198130 Thu 25-Feb-16 16:38:34

My son is 3.5 years old. I started potty training him just before he turned 3. It was a battle the first day as he just did not want to even sit on the potty - he hates change. But we got there and within a week, he was pretty good.

We have got to nights where he wakes up with a completely dry nappy but we are having almost daily accidents during the day time! I will ask him if he needs a wee, he'll say no to then go and wet himself a minute later.

I've tried reward charts, taking away certain privileges for 10 minutes. Nothing seems to work. I always make a big fuss about what a good boy he is when he does go on the potty/toilet. Does anyone have any tips? He seems to have accidents when he's distracted, like playing with his tablet which he becomes completely absorbed in, despite me asking him if he needs to go. He does tell me when he needs to go to the toilet sometimes but other times, not at all.

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