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When should I start? Lots going on but he's not getting any younger!

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lostindubai Wed 24-Feb-16 22:19:46

We've put off potty training due to an imminent house move (which ended up being delayed several times). We've now moved but ds' younger sibling is due to arrive beginning of April. I realise another big change could set him back but I don't want to keep waiting for everything (plus I'll have a newborn to deal with).

He will also be moving into his new bedroom and be moving into a bigger bed (from his cot bed) to make way for new baby shortly.

Another fun factor is that he's under investigation for 'toddler diarrhoea' so his stools are still not solid.

Anyway I go on mat leave in around three weeks (work three days a week) then have approx three weeks before baby's due.

When should I be giving this a go? All advice welcome! Thanks.

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lostindubai Wed 24-Feb-16 22:20:55

Meant to say, he turns 3 next month.

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Pooka Wed 24-Feb-16 22:23:54

How old is he? Seems like a busy time. Having potty trained 3 dcs I'm in the "when they're ready" camp - with dd it was 2.5. Ds1 had constipation and we waited until he was keen and bowels sorted, so 3 and three quarters and with ds2 he was about the same age.

Pooka Wed 24-Feb-16 22:25:33

Personally, with new baby, house move and diarrhoea I'd leave until you are ready.

imwithspud Wed 24-Feb-16 22:28:53

Dd was potty trained at around 2.7. A couple of months after her baby sister arrived. I considered, and attempted it a couple of times before dd2 was born, but she wasn't ready and I wasn't going to force the issue - I was also concerned about the possibility of her regressing once baby arrived which I'd hear can be quite common..

What I'm saying is, you can try - but if he's not ready don't force the issue. They all get there eventually.

5minutestobed Wed 24-Feb-16 22:32:51

Watching with interest as we are in the same position. Moved house this week, baby due in May, turns three next month. He refuses point blank to sit on a potty or toilet though so I think we will have to leave it for now. Is your DS showing signs of being ready do you think?

lostindubai Wed 24-Feb-16 22:40:27

Thanks all. I won't be forcing anything, poor lad has been through so much with the move and been quite unsettled. I want to make it easy on him if I can. He does ask to sit on the toilet occasionally but his communication isn't the clearest (although his understanding is very good).

Maybe I should wait till after baby is here. I could do without any more to deal with right now tbh. Think I'm feeling pressure from grandparents (who babysit him once a week) who suggested we should have started about a year ago...

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