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Witholding poo toilet training.

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Howaboutthisone Mon 22-Feb-16 21:57:20

DDhas been amazing with toilet training- when it comes to peeing. She just really doesn't want to poo and won't do it. We had three in knickers the first few days. She's stopped that but then we go to day three with no poo by which point she kept crying and not wanting to poo. I resorted to putting a nappy on her and she eventually pooed in that.
She managed it on the loo yesterday after several attempts and lots of cajoling and bribery. Today we're back to her saying she needs to but then crying that she doesn't like/want to.
Any suggestions gratefully received!

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Howaboutthisone Tue 23-Feb-16 15:25:08

Anyone about?

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WonderingAspie Wed 02-Mar-16 23:06:35

I've had this with both DCs.

With DS is took time, some books about pooing (ZooPoo one was called), sitting next to him until he did it, reading etc, this would be over an hour. Sticker charts etc with the promise of a trip to the toy shop at the end. It worked. It is common.

DD was another matter. Wouldn't do it, had meltdowns about it. One time she was running straight into the wall for over an hour with distress because she was trying not to poo. She would go in her pants all the time. There would be days in between going. She would stop eating because she needed to go but was trying to hold it so she just wouldn't eat. She said it hurt (I don't think it was pain but a psychological issue) and her belly hurt, which it probably did. In the end she ended up on movicol to soften it and make it more comfortable to go. She has been on it for nearly 3 years as when we try and stop it, the issue returns. She is 5. It helped straight away though. 2 mums from school, had the same problems and 1 of their DDs ended up in hospital as it had been 10 days since she had been.

I read that they feel like part of them is falling away and they don't like it, coupled with the fact that they have never seen it before so it is strange to them. It's very common for pooing to take a while.

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