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Potty training "success": where to go from here?

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dodi1978 Sun 31-Jan-16 20:13:23


having had a failure at potty training just after Christmas, we no seem to be getting somewhere with DS, 2.6. Last Thursday, a morning 'argument' over whether to put his pull ups ended in me giving him the choice between pull ups and big boy pants. He chose big boy pants... probably because he so a Thomas one at the top of the drawer.

Day 1 at nursery: many accidents, two wees on the potty
Day 2 at nursery: many accidents, lots of wees on the potty
Weekend: Lots of accidents, but also lots of successes. At one point today, he sat on the potty for two hours watching Thomas on DVD and called me every 45 minutes or so to empty it. Poo success to!

I am now not sure where to go from here. Whilst I am happy that he is finally loving the potty, I didn't get anything done today between trouser changes, washing clothes and getting him dressed / undressed. Unfortunately, he doesn't say yet when he has to go (despite having the language). I am not sure whether I can cope with one more weekend like that hmm.

- how long till they catch on and say when they would like to go?
- What to do when going out? Back into pull ups?

Any advice / experiences welcome...

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