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Potty training a child with speech and language delay

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CantWaitForWarmWeather Thu 21-Jan-16 13:39:59

DS is 2.10 and I have been thinking I should start potty training him now.

The thing is, he has a speech and language delay and I'm just wondering how this is going to go. Do I wait until he has developed his speech and language a bit more? He understands what a wee is and pulled his nappy when I asked him if he needs a wee.

has anyone else potty trained their child who has a speech and language delay?

Heartsanddiamonds01 Wed 27-Jan-16 00:06:13

Hi, no advice I'm afraid. My son is the same age and we are experiencing the joys of potty training too. We're attending his SALT class tomorrow so I'll ask and report back with any tips.

Racheyg Thu 28-Jan-16 18:12:34

Watching with interest as ds1 is 2.6 and has speech delay. We are thinking of potty training but have no idea how to introduce it.

Chocolatehooverer Sun 31-Jan-16 21:26:56

My DD has delayed speech. She's now 2.8 years. We tried potty training for a day in the summer when she was about 2.3 years. I had tried teaching her some simple signing for poo, wee, potty etc on the lead up. But, for her, it was very, very clear that she wasn't getting it. She wasn't communicating and she didn't understand the process and I didn't want to push it. So, the day after I decided to wait until either she showed me she was ready in some way or she turned 3. And I know that is somewhat late, but I did potty training with my son at around 2.4 years when he hadn't made any real signs of readiness and it took him a loooooonnnng time. It was truly torturous and a huge source of tension in the house for around a year.

Sure enough in the last couple of weeks my DD is telling me she has done a wee and insists on pulling her own nappy off. We're getting through so many nappies.

So I guess very soon I'll take the leap. Which is made a bit tricky due to me re-starting work. But I think it will be a much swifter process now she's observing what she's doing and also, she is so much more verbal now. She's also now at pre-school so observes her peers going to the toilet.

So I would say, test the waters? And see what your gut says. I think after a day or 2 you will identify if there has been progress or not.

Best of luck!

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