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Day 3 no success as such

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mumof1every1wantsme2havemore Wed 20-Jan-16 21:58:50

Potty training my DD who is 22 months. Has shown all signs of being ready. So far wees on the floor, none in potty even though lots of time spent sitting on it.
Today she managed to hold it for 4 hours, before it was nap time, nappy went on, left in cot to settle for nap she calls out and she had pooped and weed in her nappy. So i know she can hold it. After dinner, encouraged to sit on potty again nothing happens on potty, my dh lets her go to play for a minute whilst he clears table, then silence (from her) and she had weed on the floor again.
We've got a sticker chart for her to encourage her, which she loves. Im just wondering whether i should leave it a bit longer or persevere?
I should add from when she was 14 months old she would sit on the potty and occasionaly would wee and poop, but everything i read suggested it was unlikely she was ready. Now i am regretting waiting.

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