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Wees in toilet but does a bit in pants first!!!

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hecticmum007 Sat 16-Jan-16 00:22:01

Try taking him more regular, does he ever have full on wet pants?

Carriefoofaroo Tue 12-Jan-16 18:39:14

Am after some advice please! My little boy is 2.5 and potty trained himself really easily about 3 months ago. Was going great with almost no accidents until about two weeks ago. Since then he has started doing about a fifty pence piece worth of wee in his pants pretty much every time he needs a wee. He then does the rest in the toilet or potty. He doesn't go that often and he is now very resistant to any suggestion to go. Then he'll suddenly say he needs it but has always let that bit out first!! Getting really frustrated. When I ask him why he just says 'i wanted to'. I know he can do it as he did for over two months. Really not sure how to tackle, any suggestions really appreciated! Xx

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