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16 month old ready for potty?

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frankiebuns Tue 12-Jan-16 10:35:49

My daughter who is nearly 17 months old tells me when she needs a poo and when shes done it. I think shes ready for poos on the potty but im scared to start my ds whos 5 never really liked potty training he has special needs and was really late at it. Is this too young just right i dony know what normal is!

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Out2pasture Wed 13-Jan-16 01:46:37

if your dd is indicating she is ready give it a try. we started around that time, although not fully reliable it was a positive experience. good luck

PirateJones Wed 13-Jan-16 02:14:03

Certainly it shouldn't just be ignored, I would get a potty and put her on it when she tells you she is about to poo, praise and encourage but i wouldn't push at this age.

rudolphistheboss Wed 13-Jan-16 02:44:18

My 14 mo has started demanding to use the potty whenever we go to the bathroom with his big sister (3). He usually produces something too. I've been buying the pull up nappies so he can use it whenever he shows interest, lots of praise when he does but no pressure. I'll be waiting until his language and physical ability to get himself on the potty has improved but I figured if he's interested then it's a great basis to start! [smille]

ReallyTired Wed 13-Jan-16 04:15:15

My daughter was the same at sixteen months. The brain understood what to do, but alas the warning system wasn't. She would ask for a wee with a two second warning as her muscles were just not strong enough to hold the wee. I suggest you get a potty, but keep the nappies on. Encourage her to sit on the potty after meals, on waking and every nappy change.

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