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Daughter gets angry and cries when put on toilet to poo

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weeblueberry Sat 09-Jan-16 17:06:36

DD1 (3 in May) is pretty much consistently weeing in the toilet. But since the beginning of November when she started toilet training she's never done a poo in the toilet or potty. She knows when she needs and takes herself off somewhere else to do it which I know is common but when she needs to go and we put her on the loo she gets very distressed.

Initially we didn't keep her on the toilet once she got upset because we didn't want it to be a negative thing for her. But the other night she absolutely needed to go and I tried to keep her on in the hopes she's go and realise it's ok. Things we've tried (which haven't worked)

Both potty and toilet
Letting her just sit for ages
Using the poo app
Reward system/chart (doesn't work in any aspect of her life)
No pants/trousers
No response or discussion after poo is done in pants

Probably other things I've forgotten. She knows she needs to go but says she doesn't like it. Not sure where to go from here? If she'd done it a few times I wouldn't be bothered but every day means at least one poo in the pants...

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weeblueberry Sat 09-Jan-16 17:08:51

Oh and we tried bribery. Nada.

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