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accidents coming thick and fast.

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Flingingmelon Mon 04-Jan-16 11:40:56

DS (2.5) - just started. He puts on pants, has a drink, wets himself almost straight away and then we repeat the whole thing less than five minutes later.

Do you think his bladder control isn't ready yet or am I giving up too quickly? He's started to tell me when he wees in his nappy and that's pretty frequent too. Come to think of it we occasionally don't make it all night without an overflowing nappy either.

He drinks quite a lot of milk at the beginning and end of the day but not a lot of liquid during it. He doesn't go to bed with water either.

I'm also the type of person who needs a wee every five minutes. Is this sort of thing hereditary?

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dodi1978 Mon 04-Jan-16 17:47:31


I am afraid I have no answers to your questions! But I'll start potty training my 2.5 year old tomorrow, so am looking for buddies (see the thread that I have just started).

Bracing myself for tomorrow....

Flingingmelon Mon 04-Jan-16 22:03:32

Ooh I'll look out for your thread. Good luck! Are you going cold turkey or doing a few hours at a time?

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dodi1978 Tue 05-Jan-16 14:40:23

We have gone cold turkey!

He was happy to put on big boy pants this morning, which was unexpected to be honest. Lots of accidents since then, but after each one he is happy to sit down on the potty. Unfortunately, the business is done then... but I am hoping he'll soon get the message that it is nicer to go to the potty before an accident.

I will keep trying until the end of the week. Unfortunately, it's back to work for me then, so I probably won't keep trying until my next annual leave over Easter...

How are you getting on?

My thread is that one... no replies yet!

Now I am just dreading the big poo in the pants, which will come at some point today!

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