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16mo DS making life difficult for me

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Booboostwo Sun 03-Jan-16 20:59:19

I never did any potty training with DD and it worked well for us so I was hoping to do similar with DS but he has other ideas. When DD was 2,9yo she said she wanted to use the potty, had a few pee accidents the first week and then that was that.

DS is very young, just 16mo. At every opportunity when he is naked, e.g. before his bath, he runs to a corner and pees (then revels in splashing in it, runs across the floor, slips and falls). If I leave his diaper on he takes it off and repeats as above. If I leave his trousers on he is on the verge of being able to pull them down so I am worried even that won't be safe soon. I have brought the potty out because of this and DD and I take it in turns to sit on it but he refuses to even sit on it. I tentatively tried the toilet but he did not like it at all so that's not an option either.

I don't want or need him to be potty trained just yet but how do I stop the peeing in the corners?

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Booboostwo Mon 04-Jan-16 20:27:33


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KP86 Mon 04-Jan-16 20:40:00

Put a bodysuit on him that clips up under between his legs so he can't get his nappy off.

As for the peeing everywhere, maybe he is more ready for training than you think?

Booboostwo Tue 05-Jan-16 10:24:56

Thanks, that's a good idea, should keep him in the diaper!

Well he refuses to sit on the potty. I tried the toilet very gently but he found it scary so that's not an option either. Not too sure how to support him without pushing him.

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Artandco Tue 05-Jan-16 10:29:28

Get a toilet seat so he can't slip in. And stool

Bribe him to sit on toilet with chocolate buttons and a story! Every time he sits on toilet he gets chocolate button. If he's stays he gets a story on toilet. If still on gets another chocolate button. If he wees gets another.
Full on bribery for 2 week. Usually works.

Then even if he's in nappies out and about and not fully trained you know he will be happy to sit on toilet when he's at home or naked

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