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Carry on or leave it a while?

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mycatlikestwiglets Wed 30-Dec-15 16:36:35

Day 4 of training with (highly verbal - so no communication issues) 2.2yo DD. She's been telling us for months when she's done something in her nappy and already goes on the potty occasionally so I was convinced it was time. However, while she's done something pretty much every time I've sat her on the potty, she's also had quite a few accidents, and while she's told me when they've happened (the wee accidents, at least), she's not yet got to the stage of telling me she needs the potty before going, or made any attempts to get herself there.

So, do I persevere? Or wait a while and try again in a few weeks? I've put her in pull-ups today to contain the accidents, although am continuing to take her to the potty to try regularly. DS had got it by day 2 when he trained (and he was displaying none of the signs of being ready, so I'd expected DD to be easier!) so this is new to me. (We've been using a sticker reward system, which DD seems reasonably excited about too.)

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