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Pull-up pants

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FondantFancy66 Mon 21-Dec-15 14:13:48

What are these good for? Just started potty training DS. There has been some success and plenty of accidents - only a few days in right now. We've just put him straight in pants. Has anybody used pull-ups? What exactly is their purpose?

Micah Mon 21-Dec-15 15:57:17

They are good for making money for the companies that sell them.

Expensive waste of time if you ask me. Not as absorbent as nappies and more expensive.

My nursery hated them. Said they made the potty training process slower and more confusing.

If he's ready he should be fine going straight into pants.

Thurlow Mon 21-Dec-15 16:09:05

We found them useful for about two weeks when out and about in the early stages of toilet training. Haven't used them in the day since.

However we do find them really useful at night, when DC is starting to go dry. DD has a potty in her room but it's hit and miss whether she pees in her sleep or not. So pull ups are easier because if she wakes up and knows she needs to pee, she can get them off to use the potty, but if she doesn't, there's no mess.

It might depend on the age though. DD was older when we started the whole process so the language skills were there to fully understand that these weren't for just peeing in, but just in case there was an accident.

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