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really need some advice I'm lost! :(

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michaela60 Fri 11-Dec-15 00:08:01

Ok so where to begin. My son potty trained in may (8month ago) 2 months or so perfect literally no accidents after the first 3 days then the stickers wore off and we got the odd accident and now we having more wee in pants than potty. He always poos in potty but he keeps on wetting himself! When we are out he NEVER asks for toilet so he always has accidents in find myself asking him every 5 mins and even then he says no and goes anyway. In the house when he wets he doesn't tell me he will happily sit in his wet clothes it's like he isn't bothered. I'm at my witts end I don't know what I'm doing wrong I've tried praising him, rewarding him ,sticker charts, making himself change his wet clothes. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. And we haven't had any routine/home life changes. He will be 3 in January and he is in size 4-5 clothes so he is a big boy which doesn't help when he has an accident in public and everyone is judging me I've had people comment on it. I feel like I'm failing as a mother any advice is welcome!

ColdTeaAgain Fri 11-Dec-15 00:39:42

Hi OP, we went through v similar with DD, I was so close to giving up and putting her back in pull ups!

Basically, I stopped nagging her to use the potty as I think the more I did, the more she ignored me!

Stickers didn't work for her either so we resorted to bargaining bribing so whatever she wanted to do or have at the time when I felt she needed a wee I would say she could have/do it once she'd done a wee. For example, she gets excited about going out anywhere so I would say we're only going to go if you do a wee first, never seen her get her pants down so fast! Then lots of praise and she gets the reward of going out. Same principle for watching some tv, doing an activity, having a snack. Things quickly got much better from then and she now often remembers to use potty on her own too, again lots of praise when she does but no actual reward if she used potty without making a "deal", the praise alone is her reward. The bargaining is more for when you know they need to go but are being stubborn and holding it!

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