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Two poo's in the potty, now "too scared" and pooing in his knickers...any advice?

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shakespeare Mon 07-Dec-15 08:44:08

DS - 3.3 mths

Started off well, picked up wee'ing in the potty easily enough but he has only done 2 reluctant/emergency poo's in his potty and now either won't go during the day (and be miserable with it) or goes in the night time nappy (which is fine), or worse has in the last two days, just gone in his knickers and doesn't tell us. Not sure what to do really. Do we stick him back in nappies and start again later, or leave him to poo his pants to somehow try and 'teach him'? His child minder said he was really upset today when he did this sad. I could handle the accidents if we were having a few successes but we haven't really had any yet.

He's starting kindy (day care) in Feb and we really wanted to have things kind of sorted by then.

Any advice?

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mrsclark24 Sun 03-Jan-16 20:31:43

I can't offer tons of advice as my DD isn't potty trained fully yet! But she does do everything in the potty when she doesn't have anything on her lower half.

DD used to do what your DS is doing. The first time she had a poo without a nappy she stood in it and was really distressed and then wouldn't even consider sitting on the potty for a poo. This went on for months. So I stopped pushing her, she did wees on the potty and I praised her for it but put nappies on when she told me she needed to poo.

Suddenly, overnight, she decides it ok to poo in the potty. What happened? I have no idea. But she just decided herself!

Try not to stress about it. He will get it in his own time, maybe gentle encouragement. Maybe talk about it a lot with him and get his toys to have wees and poos on the potty and let him give them a reward (sticker or something) then when he shows interest say "Wow you're doing it like Teddy does!) or whatever toy he likes and give him the same reward.

It's frustrating and I've just come out of that stage. Now DD will happily wee and poo on the potty.... until she has something on her bottom half then she will accident. Urgh! Good luck with it!

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