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bedwetting with family history

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pinktips Wed 25-Nov-15 16:41:14

So, my almost 5 year old has been out of nappies at night since just before she turned 4. We had 3/4 months of totally dry nights but not it has gradually deteriorated to having 1 dry night a week if we are lucky! I first contacted the health visiting team and school nurse about 3 months ago to put a plan in place, we did star charts, stripping bed, ignoring it completely, positive faces etc; it has only gotten worse. I am already sensitive about the subject as both myself and her dad wet the bed until we were in double digits (both working with enuresis clinics as children). However tonight she all but broke down and begged for dry nights. School nurse has said to put her back in them to take the pressure off her. Has anyone got any tips/tricks that we could try? They will not even contemplate an enuresis referral until she is 7, which is fine by me, I am just desperate for her to seesome improvement in herself, she breaks my heart when she wakes up and looks so disappointed.

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Jasonandyawegunorts Wed 25-Nov-15 20:21:03

please just get her drynites.

What you are doing with happy faces and charts is setting her up to be so disapointed over something she has no control over.

StickLadyLou Thu 21-Jan-16 22:18:00

In reality she will likely bed wet until double digits also so I would do what makes her most comfortable and least fuss. I too was a double digit bed wetter as was my mum. Yet she still tried everything! It was stressful for us both and I am not sure what the point was as it was obviously genetic. Even now she insists it all helped me get dry in the end but I completely disagree, it just got better naturally around age 14!!!

soupmaker Tue 26-Jan-16 15:25:13

Pinktips our DD1 is about to be 8 and is still not dry at night.

There is a reason that there are shelves full of drynites. Lots of kids aren't dry at 5. There are lots of factors but the one thing that is certain is that she has no control over wetting in her sleep and no amount of charts and rewards will change that.

It's worth checking out the ERIC website.

You are

soupmaker Tue 26-Jan-16 15:29:10

Sorry posted too soon.

Try and ensure she drinks lots during the day.

Do a wee before bed, brush teeth, do another wee.

Make up her bed with mattress protector, disposable mat, sheet, disposable mat, sheet. That way a quick strip in the middle of the night is easy.

Invest in lots of linen so you aren't constantly washing.

We let DD1 go drynite free when she wants to and wake her when we go to bed and 9/10 she does a big wee and is dry in the morning.

Wait until she grows out of it.

Good luck.

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