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Wetting the bed in the mornings

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SallyStarbuck Tue 24-Nov-15 17:12:10

DD, nearly 4, was a late potty trainer at the start at this year but she went dry at night herself. After a few months we stopped using pull ups at night. She had the occasional accident in the middle of the night but nothing more than I'd expect.

However, over the past month or so she's started wetting the bed first thing in the morning, about 6.30-7am. I think it's happening as she's waking up, but can't get a clear explanation from her whether she wakes up with a wet bed, or wakes up with "wee in her tummy" and then doesn't make it out of bed in time.

I'm not sure if we've made this problem by having a new sort of routine for mornings. Basically, she has a gro-clock that is set for 7.30. A month or two back she started waking up at about 7, when I was in the shower and DP was generally already out, and she would scream and cry and we couldn't hear her (she's never been a fan of leaving her room herself!). So we bought her a lamp and explained that she could get up, turn the light on, have a wee, then read or play etc until her clock went yellow. This worked fantastic for a few weeks, but then she started getting up very early and it was making her tired. So we explained that she could get up when there was 1 star left on her clock, but any more stars and it was the middle of the night.

And then the bed wetting seemed to start, maybe 3 mornings a week.

I suspect we've confused her a little, though we have spent the past two weeks explaining to her that she can go back to waking up whenever she wants (as she really is generally a good sleeper) and playing in her room. I know that she does understand this, it just seems to slip her mind in the morning.

Anyway, sorry for the waffle - what I basically wanted to ask was whether we should go back to pull-ups at night (which she hasn't had for 7-8 months) or there is something else we should try?

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