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DS doesn't pee on a toilet in nursery - any advice, please!

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daluze Thu 19-Nov-15 20:01:30

We started teaching our 2.11 years old DS using potty two weeks ago. The first 3 days at home were very encouraging, he was excited and peeing almost everytime when sitting down on a potty, so by day three hardly had any accidents. He wasn't asking, but we would encourage him to go every hour and after food/drink. He goes to nursery 4 days a week. Nursery does not use potties, only children's toilets. He did very well first 2 nappy free days in nursery, but then stopped peeing (and pooing) on the toilet. He was less enthusiastic at home last weekend, but still would pee immediately almost every time when sitting down. So it seems he has some bladder control. However, he was absolutely refusing to go to the toilet in nursery, or if he went, he wouldn't pee. Not a single time in 4 full days. At home he gets stickers, we tried that in nursery with no luck. He just says he does not want to pee on the toilet. Cannot explain why. They tried using step stool, so he sit stably, promising stickers, going together with his best friend who is potty trained. Staff seems genuinely trying to help.
Any ideas what we are doing wrong or how to overcome this. At home he only sleeps in nappy now (his nappy is always wet after sleep), but we put nappy when going outside and to/from nursery, as it is over half an hour walk and it would be too cold if he wets himself on a way.
Appreciate any suggestions!

OpheliasWeepingWillow Wed 06-Jan-16 01:19:59

Mine is 3.10 and won't pee at nursery. It's a nightmare. Today she went before nursery at home, wet through a pull up at nursery at nap time then didn't go again until at home at 7pm when finally she almost burst. They think she's scared of the big loo. She'll sit but just won't go! Either way I'm going to let them worry about it...

Mrsmulder Thu 07-Jan-16 14:20:19

Would your ds stand up and pee in nursery? Could maybe worth a try to get him more used to it?

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