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potty training day 2...she wants to sit on the potty

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LizKeen Tue 17-Nov-15 10:55:58

DD2 (just turned 3) has done really well yesterday and today, we have had 5 wee's in the potty and one on the floor.

Yesterday she was holding it as she didn't want to go on the potty, but today she asked for the potty when we got back from the school run (she was in a nappy for that) and since then has done 3 wee's all 15 mins apart.

Since the last wee she wants to sit on the potty...which is defeating the point.

Any advice? I am trying to encourage her to put her pants back on and just sit on the floor and play with her toys, but she keeps migrating back to the potty.

Also, will she start holding her pee longer than 15 minutes by herself or do I need to encourage that somehow?

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