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18 month old- advice

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Rinceoir Sun 08-Nov-15 15:29:14

18 month old DD has taken to following us to the toilet, and applauding our efforts. I assume she's picking it up in nursery! She's also started pulling her trousers down and squatting before filling her nappy, but doesn't ask to be changed. I have no interest in training too early, but don't want to discourage her interest either. She has about 4 dirty nappies most days so definitely want her ready before starting! Would it be worth gently sitting her on a potty a few times a day to gently introduce her to it?

Julieb85 Sun 29-Nov-15 21:35:24

My DS is 18 months too and runs away and hides to poo, also asks to be changed. I didn't want to jump into potty training but bought a nice froggy potty and just have it sitting around the house. He started sitting on it fully clothed...even had a snack sitting on. A couple of weeks later and he's asking to sit and telling me he needs to pee pee (still in nappy) Almost had a pee in it last night but ended up on the floor. I say take a relaxed approach as they're still babies...but defo don't ignore their cues.

Littlef00t Wed 02-Dec-15 21:59:35

Dd is 20months and similar for wees but still the ultimate stealth pooer. I've taken to asking her if she needs a wee when it suits me eg before a bath or before nappy change and if she says yes, sitting her on the toilet (with insert) without her nappy on. She often squeezes a wee.

Occasionally she has held herself like she needs a wee and I've asked, and whisked her to the loo. At cm she has said wee wee on her own.

Don't plan on taking it further until she is more vocal about poos.

Rinceoir Sun 06-Dec-15 23:06:19

Well I bought a potty, which she occasionally sat on for a few days but then promptly lost interest! I don't think she's ready yet, I think she just was copying older kids in nursery.

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