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Faecal incontinence

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EverythingsDozy Fri 06-Nov-15 19:13:32

Please I'm begging you all, help!
My daughter has just turned 5, started reception in September. Since summer she's had marks in her knickers but once school started it got a whole lot worse. She's been having massive poos in her knickers. Doctor told me she was constipated and it's overflow so she has been prescribed movicol. She seems to be going to the toilet fine but still having accidents in the knickers (4 today, 1 at school, big mess, all over toilet and DD) . What am I meant to do? How long will this go on?? Has the movicol kicked in? How will I know when the main bit of constipation has gone? And what happens after? I'm so confused, I have no idea what I'm doing!!

soupmaker Sun 08-Nov-15 13:53:40

Hello Everything. There are threads over in behaviour and development about this type of thing, and some in children's health. You are not alone.

Sounds like your DD has encropsis. Check out the ERIC website. Lots of good advice on there. She needs to get completely cleared out. Have you been advised to do a disimpaction regime with the movicol? It can take a few days to really get going. After she's cleared out you need to make sure you have a good routine for trying to do poos daily.

It'll be a slog, but hang in there and try not to get annoyed with your DD (I'm guilty of shouting in frustration on occasions, it doesn't help).

Speak to school. Make sure they understand this is a medical issue and that she needs support.

EverythingsDozy Sun 08-Nov-15 22:25:21

Thank you for the reply.
I found a couple of threads in children's health so then posted in there too.
We've been accident free today so fingers crossed we're going in the right direction!

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