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potty training holding in wee

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debsone Wed 04-Nov-15 20:54:52

I started to potty train my 2.4 year old toddler last Thursday. He was showing all the signs and I tried the Gina Ford technique of sitting on the potty every 15 mins throughout the day.
Thursday 1 accident 1 wee on the potty, Friday , all wees in the potty and he was happy to sit on it and be read stories and watch Peppa. we had a sticker chart and he was enjoying all the praise and attention.
Wow, I thought - we have cracked it! sadly no such luck - Saturday onwards he started to hold it in until nap time or bath time. Monday we got 1 wee at nursery and 1 wee at home both on the potty but from then up to tonight he is just holding it in. Nursery have said he is happy to sit on it there and on the toilet but just will not go (he held it in for 6 hours today)
If you ask him if he needs a wee he just says no thank you mummy.
I have tried bribery (new books, watching peppa on the ipad, chocolate) but he is not bothered by any of these things.
I really really want some hints and tips. Myself and the nursery are in agreement he is ready as he can control his bladder and just needs to click with it and I am defiantly not going back to nappies but really need some ideas on how I can convince him to sit on there and wee!
Please help as it is getting me really down. I should say also he has only had 3 accidents since we started in nearly a week as he holds in it.
Any advice and experience would be great
I don't want to force him on there and am trying to be as relaxed as possible but it is so hard as you worry so much. I really need a helping hand - or someone to tell me it will get better!!!

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